Services Lancelotta Consulting

Lancelotta Consulting offers insightful, flexible qualitative market research services to leading pharmaceutical and biotech firms.

A unique set of skills, tools and knowledge lets Lancelotta Consulting consistently deliver accurate, actionable market intelligence. To our clients, we’re more than a vendor. We’re a true partner in success; a motivated, engaged member of the team throughout any project.

Qualitative Market Research

Many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies have contracted us to spearhead full-scale qualitative market research projects. We serve as an objective adviser and counselor through the entire process, from planning and implementation through information gathering, analysis and delivery. Most of all, we pride ourselves on our flexibility – as circumstances, needs and scope change, so do our methods.

Lancelotta Consulting provides a unique level of flexibility and engagement throughout the entire research project. The result is an efficient, cost-effective process resulting in valuable, insightful findings.

Clients consistently comment on Lancelotta Consulting’s unique style of moderation and interviewing. We firmly believe that interactions and discussions are more valuable and insightful if they’re enjoyable. In our experience, an interviewee or focus group participant who feels relaxed and understood offers more valuable information than one who’s simply answering rapid-fire questions. By approaching interviews and focus groups as free-form conversations, rather than staid, static interactions, we deliver the most valuable market intelligence possible for our clients.

Market Landscape Evaluation

Qualitative market research begins long before the decision is made to bring a particular drug or technology to market. First, a pharmaceutical or biotech company must understand where it sits in the marketplace as a whole – its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Lancelotta Consulting’s broad-focused market landscape research help our clients understand the evolving competitive marketplace they are planning to enter so their brands can thrive and grow.

Opportunity Assessment

Increasingly, companies are looking for ways to assess marketplace opportunities for new products. With our broad base of healthcare knowledge, we can quickly and effectively translate your business objectives into relevant research questions. Our qualitative research solutions provide teams with critical early stage guidance regarding product feasibility and marketplace receptivity to new healthcare brands, technologies, and services.

Emotional Drivers Discovery

Lancelotta Consulting’s unique interviewing methodology lends itself to gathering deep insights. That lets us consistently discover the psychological underpinnings of buyers’ decision-making process, allowing our clients to more effectively position themselves and their products.

Positioning Development & Assessment

“The Brand” means everything to our clients. We can gather and analyze the kind of actionable information that allows clients to evaluate and refine their strategic positioning in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Promotional Campaign Development

Lancelotta Consulting’s unique capacity for information gathering and analysis allows us to work with clients and their marketing and advertising agencies to evaluate and refine promotional campaigns.

Competitiveness Readiness Research

It’s basic business: Anticipation is better than reaction. Lancelotta Consulting has helped some of the world’s largest companies anticipate their competition’s future messaging, then develop strategies to preemptively counteract it.