Our Difference

Our Difference Lancelotta Consulting

Flexibility. Insights. Engagement. At Lancelotta Consulting, we’re proud to offer you more than you ever thought you could get from a qualitative market researcher.

It all starts with the process.

Simply put, we’re responsive to the needs of our clients. And we recognize that those needs often change over time. It could be a new idea or insight, an adjustment in scope, a shift in project focus or a sudden change in the marketplace. Whatever happens, we offer supreme flexibility at every phase of every project – whether it’s a minor, on-the-fly adjustment or a complete overhaul.

Lancelotta Consulting’s unique flexibility, style and level of engagement help us provide valuable, actionable market intelligence to our clients.

That flexibility extends to the qualitative researcher’s bread and butter: the interview itself. At Lancelotta Consulting, we’ve leveraged unique experience and traits to craft an interview style that quickly establishes rapport and credibility with subjects, extracting the most valuable, actionable market intelligence possible. Company principal Kevin Lancelotta, who is trained in clinical psychology, understands the most complex issues in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields – and that knowledge informs questions, insights and analysis that go far beyond the traditional approach. His depth of clinical knowledge across a broad range of therapeutic categories allows him to learn the intricacies of new clinical disciplines efficiently.

A unique level of engagement

Lancelotta Consulting clients – which include some of the world’s most innovative life sciences firms – keep coming back because we’re more than a vendor. We’re a trusted partner in their success; a truly engaged part of the market research process. We pride ourselves in deploying a flexible interviewing methodology to extract a deep base of knowledge, then delivering expert analysis and insights grounded in experience, credibility and understanding. We grasp the complexities of our clients’ strategic issues, and translate that understanding onto thoughtful questions that can be addressed in qualitative research.

Ultimately, it adds up to market intelligence that can:

  • Guide your promotional strategy
  • Aid in the development of promotional and advertising campaigns
  • Help you better understand marketplace dynamics


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